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Symbol, analogy and myths
Alison Hosford…read more

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· Paul Tillich believed symbols can help
· Opens up new levels of reality
· Goes beyond the external world
· Bible speaks of "The kingdom of God", the symbol of a
kingdom is concerned with the reality of God's power and
· Revelations made from symbols, Paul Edwards says cannot be
verified or proven
· Some symbol interpretations maybe incorrect and
inappropriate to the original meaning
· J.R Randall agrees with Tillich
· Carl Gustav Jung and his archetypes
· 2 functions: Identifying the concept that they are conveying
and Sharing in some way in the meaning of that concept…read more

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· We can talk about what God is NOT says St John on
the cross
· Agreed by Thomas Aquinas: "We cannot know what
God is but rather what he is not"
· We understand a word when applied to God has a
different meaning to everyday use
· Rejected because God is beyond human
· Aquinas: 2 types of analogies: proportion and
attribution…read more

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· Stories that convey religious truth
· Story not true itself but a religious truth
· Many Christians believe that Genesis (Creation
story) is a myth
· Able to convey ideas out of human understanding
· Rudolph Bultman rejected this as he said the
gospels accounts of language and imagery are
· Some even believe that the story of the incarnation
of God into Jesus is a myth…read more


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