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Organisations, movements and
Types of organisations- Troeltsch- churches, millions of
members, monopoly of the truth, include all societies but are more
attractive to upper class, linked to state. Sects= small, exclusive, hostile
to wider society, expect high levels of commitment. Niebuhr-
denominations between church and sect, less exclusive members,…

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original message of the organisation. Social Change- Wilson people join
when they feel anomie due to uncertainty or disruption in their life.
Bruce- people join today due to modernisation and secularisation as
people don't want to sacrifice much. Wallis- world rejecting NRMs have
grown due to social changes like increased…

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women a higher status and sense of self worth. Women are likely to find
their ascribed gender roles as restrictive and NAMs emphasise the
importance of being authentic. Stark and Bainbridge- organic
deprivation (women are more likely so suffer ill health and seek healing
through religion), ethical deprivation (women more…


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