religious experiences challenges 2

part 2- look in my account for other religious experince notes 

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Physiological Challenges Psychological Challenges
Religious experiences could be down to Religious experiences could be due to
physiological causes (they are a product psychology. If true this would explain the
of physical changes in the body). One common occurrence of religious
explanation for Paul experiencing bright experiences throughout time and across
lights is that he had epilepsy; which can cultures.
cause hallucinations and delusions. Freud; linked religion with neurosis,
BUT no evidence that everyone who because he observed many patients at a
experiences a religious experience has an mental hospital who displayed obsessive
illness which would cause them to behaviour, similar to those of religious
experience one. people such as formal prayer and worship.
Argued that religion is an illusion; it
Sociological Challenges expresses peoples desires ­ what they want
to believe. It meets peoples' psychological
Origins of religion and religious needs. If this is true, religious experience
experience can be found in society; thus also derives from a person's psychological
reflects the society that you grow up in.
needs. In some ways they are similar to
Hence different societies experience
wishful thinking.
visions of different people.
Religion originates from a childhood desire
Marx; religion a form of alienation from
for a God who resembles a father figure.
one's true self ­ religion is about
Difficulty with arguing against religious
mythological beliefs and an unreal god
experiences from a psychological view
that distracts people from their own
saying that it is based on the subconscious
reality and physical world.
is that scientists know relatively little o the
`Opium of the people'; stops us seeing
relationship between mind and body,
our reality like a drug.
conscious and unconscious mind.
Religious is a form or oppression and
control of people in society which Replies to Marx
prevents them from being free.
For many people religion is more than a
Religion often has great control of the
comfort like a drug. Religious people would
people and maintains the oppression of
argue that their faith i a relationship with
e.g. the working class, as it is the
God, and God is real, existing being, not a
structure of society and it encouraged
product of society.
people to follow accepted rules in
In many situations around the world,
society. Heaven and Hell teachings
worked as an opium as it kept people religion has been a force for change not a
method of control and oppression. Martin
comfortable and able to cope with their
Luther King fought for the rights of black
situations; people who treat you badly
people in America and was a Christian.
will go to Hell, if you are good you will go
to Heaven; make up for a bad physical Although religions have oppressed people
life. they have been a great source of strength,
People would be better off without hope and comfort. Sociologists since Marx
religion, just as drug addicts are better have shown that religious belief and
practices become more important to
off with drugs.
people when they live in difficult situations,
Hence, a religious experience is the
such as war.
product of the society you live in, not
from God, but a product of a desperate When Marx's ideas have been put into
practice, they have not always bought
situation a person is in. Origins of the
about happiness, but have in fact caused
experience would be traceable to
much suffering.
teachings and beliefs of the church.


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