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Religious Experience
u s
in o
u m
N…read more

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· Visions occur by humans believing that they have
experienced supernatural.
· 3 ways of visions: 1-one that brings knowledge +
understanding from God. 2-vision that strengthens
faith and 3-corporeal vision with a figure externally
present.…read more

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· Example of this is St Bernadette-14yr old girl
experienced visions of The Virgin Mary over a few
· The visions was to portray a message: The stream
water (Lourdes) has healing powers and a chapel to
be built onto the site.…read more

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St Bernadette
· The figure didn't speak to her at first but then she
learned it was The Virgin Mary.
· St Bernadette was punished for saying the words "The
immaculate conception" to priest.
· Girl of her age shouldn't know that (at that time in
· At first no one believed her but after the message was
given to be proven she was made a saint.
· Lourdes- pilgrimage for Christians.…read more

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Other tales of famous visions
· St Paul had a vision-in Damascus he converted to
Christianity to spread the Christian message.
· Joseph, in a dream was told to take Mary and Jesus to
Egypt to escape from King Herod.
· For the 3 wise men to be present at the birth of Jesus
a star led the way for them.…read more

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· The feeling of something greater around you.
· The design argument develops this further.
· Presence of an awesome power around you.
· Some regard it as just a feature but others say it's a
type.…read more

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