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Religious Experience

Corporate experiences
When a group has a religious experience together. These experiences will be shared in the
sense that they will see the same thing, or all experience the `spirit of the Lord' together.
But this does not mean that every single person who experienced it will view…

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But this view of things may be insufficient as an understanding.
Brümmer - the original duck-rabbit is neither a duck nor a rabbit, but lines on a page,
whereas the religious claim is to interpret the world as it really is. The believer is not
merely having a different sort…

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oA person is brought up in religion create experiences to fit the religion backs
up religion so more experiences created more evidence for religion etc.
o Some people who don't have faith commitments claim religious experiences.
Also argues through the falsification principle that religious experiences are meaingless.

Hume ­ conflicting…


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