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Bible: the Holy book of Christians
Church: the community of Christians (with a small `c' it is the
Christian place of worship)
Conscience: an inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness
of an action
The Decalogue: the Ten Commandments
Democratic Processes: the ways in which all citizens can
take part in government (usually through elections)
Electoral Processes: the ways in which voting is organised
The Golden Rule: the teaching of Jesus that you should treat
others as you would like to be treated
Human Rights: the rights and freedoms to which everyone is
entitled…read more

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Political Party: a group which tries to be elected into power
(e.g. Labour, Lib Dem, Conservatives)
Pressure Group: a group formed to influence the government
policy in a particular issue
Situation Ethics: the idea that Christians should base moral
decisions on what is the most loving thing to do
Social Change: the ways in which society has changed and is
changing (and possibilities for future change)…read more

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Artificial Insemination: injecting semen into the uterus by
artificial means
Conservation: protecting and preserving natural resources
and the environment
Creation: the act of creating the universe or the universe
which has been created
Embryo: a fertilised egg in the first 8 weeks after conception
Environment: the surroundings which plants and animals live
and on which they depend to live
Global Warming: the increase in the temperature of the earth'
s atmosphere (thought to be caused by the green house
Infertility: not being able to have children…read more

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In-Vitro Fertilisation: the method of fertilising a human egg in
a test tube
Natural Resources: naturally occurring materials, such as oil
and coal, which can be used by humans
Organ Donation: giving organs to be used in transplant
Stewardship: looking after something so it can be passed on
to the next generation
Surrogacy: an arrangement whereby a woman bears a child
of another woman…read more

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Aggression: attacking without being provoked
Bullying: intimidating/frightening people weaker than you
Conflict Resolution: bringing a fight or struggle to a peaceful end
Exploitation: taking advantage of a weaker group
Forgiveness: stopping blaming someone for what they have done
Just War: a war which is fought for the right reasons and in the right
Pacifism: the belief that all disputes should be settled peacefully
Reconciliation: bringing together people who were opposed to each
Respect: treating a person or their feelings with consideration…read more

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