Religion/Beliefs in Society: Conservative force VS Social change

  • Mainly designed for AQA A2 Sociology students studying unit 3: Beliefs in society but may be useful to students studying other exam boards
  • Examples of religion acting as a conservative force
  • Examples of religion acting as a force for social change
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Conservative force
Social Change
Chris Cartwright
A2 Sociology Student…read more

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Although people of Taliban
persuasion still exist, they were largely
destroyed by the coalitions `war on
terror' during the early years of this
· Initially the Taliban had come to
power in 1994 (ironically aided by the
US in the first place) and instilled
extremely traditional Islamic views.
· Women for example had to be
completely covered from head to foot.
· Islamic law was implemented with
horrific brutality.…read more

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Religion (according to Karl Marx)
can be seen as a drug, pacifying the
working classes and preventing
revolution (the overthrowing of the
ruling class).
·We are duped into a state of `false
consciousness' by religion, as we
believe that all men are equal.
· Religion teaches us to believe that
those who suffer now will be
rewarded in the future , and that
current positions in society are
natural, god given, and therefore,
·This was seen during the feudal
period when kings believed they had
the `divine right to rule'…read more

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80% of bishops were educated at
public school or Oxbridge.
· Leach believes the Church is out
of touch with `ordinary' people and
is not concerned with tackling
inequality, especially in our inner
· Therefore, religion is seen as a
conservative force as it is keeping
issues the same and not doing
anything about them
· Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan
Williams was educated at Wadham
College, Oxford…read more

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Hook argues that the catholic church
plays a key role in religion acting as a
conservative force
· The Catholic church has
considerable wealth with all the gold it
· In times of crisis, this gold isn't
cashed in to help people
· The church should use its wealth to
help tackle world poverty…read more

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