Religion, Peace and Justice


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Liberation theology is the Christian idea that God has the power to change situations in the world that are unjust Christians have taken this belief to
mean that it is right to stand up against governments that oppress their people or to challenge abuses of power.
Some supporters of liberation theology have been killed for speaking out against injustice ­ Oscar Romero
The `Just War' theory
Thomas Aquinas ­ a Christian monk and theologian thought that there were three conditions that would make a war just or fair:
1. war must be started by the government
2. there must be a good reason to go to war, for example, to protect people
3. everything must be done to make sure good instead of evil comes from the war
Later on three more conditions were added:
1. war must be the last resort; every other way of solving the situation must have been tried and failed
2. force used must be no more than is necessary to win, and civilians or those not posing a threat, for example children, should not be targeted
3. there must be a reasonable chance of success
Christian teachings towards violence and pacifism
The Catholic Church and The Church of England accept that sometimes war is necessary to achieve peace. Neither Churches promotes the use of violence
but they recognise that there are times when it may be necessary to use force as a last resort, for example ­ defence.
The Bible gives Christians the task of aiming for peace and seeing a time when people will not fight against each other any more. The Catholic Church and
The Church of England aim to reflect this in their teaching

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Quakers believe that it is never acceptable to use violence. They, along with other Christians believe violence against another person, for whatever reason
is wrong as it is not compatible with their understanding of the biblical teaching on love. Quakers seek and suggest peaceful methods to deal with situations
rather than resorting to war. Quakers are CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS.
Christianity, Peace and Justice
Pacifism ­ is the belief that any use of violence is wrong; this includes any act of war.…read more

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Christian concept of justice
The Bible teaches that humans are unable to lead live of perfection but that forgiveness is part of God's system of justice. God has COMPASSION for those
who suffer injustice, defends the weak and afflicted and sets the OPRESSED free.…read more


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