Religion and society

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Moral decision ­ A decision between right and wrong.
Decalogue ­ the 10 commandments.
Church = community of = place of worship.
Why Christians use the bible to make moral decisions:
Contains Decalogue and Teachings of Jesus, such as the Golden Rule.
Parables (stories with messages) like sheep and goats.
Believe bible is the word of God so they are following him.
Some Christians follow it more strictly as: they believe the bible is Gods exact word, whereas others
believe it was inspired by God and should be adapted.
The Church has authority over Christians as:
Many believe God guides them and that Church is the Body of Christ in present day.
Church leaders have training in interpretation of the bible.
Some believe god is able to speak directly to the priests.
Disadvantage: some Christians are not able to see a priest easily and the advice is not flexible.
Conscience: Situation Ethics:
Christians think its Gods voice guiding. Christians agree as: Jesus did this as
Given to us by God. he healed a man on the Sabbath.
Most societies would agree ­ similar conscience. Right to consider best consequences.
Non-religious think it develops as you grow. Christians disagree as: Can be wrong.
Some issues too complex to work out by them. Follow guidance of bible or Church.
Some mistakes in conscience. It can take too long.
Human Rights: (rights and freedoms to which everyone is entitled)
The UN put together the declaration of human rights after WW2, including right to equality and education.
Why human rights are important to Christians: Everyone is created by God thus equal.
Jesus treated all equally and Christians require the right of `freedom of belief and religion.'
ACAT (action by Christians against torture)in 1984 to support right of `freedom from torture.'
Should take part in the electoral process as: Human right to vote, things that effect all and can't complain.
What Christians are taught about Moral Duty (duties to help others):
Golden rule and love your neighbour.
Parables of sheep and goats and good Samaritan.
Genetic Engineering: (process where removal of DNA, altered & returned)
Christians for genetic engineering. Christians Against genetic engineering.
Jesus was a healer. Made in Gods image.
God provided technology Should not interfere with Gods design.
Situation ethics. Effectively `playing God'.

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Most allow it of plants and animals but not Do not try to make earth perfect as only
human as only parents and god can create. God and heaven are perfect.
Problems of Global Warming Solutions of Global Warming
Warm temperature makes flooding. Reduce CO2 with less travel.
Extreme weather. Energy light bulbs and turn off electrics.
Drought causing crop difficulty. Invest in renewable energy.
Habitats change and species die. Use public transport.
Pollution is created by our own waste.…read more

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Transplant Surgery:
Many agree as they do not need body once dead and can help others still living. However, some disagree as
it is expensive and the money could be spent on curing the disease. Others may want to be buried whole or
feel doctors may not try hard to save someone if they are an organ donor.
Christians Christians Muslim Muslim
Most loving. Humans made Try stop All life is sacred.
Preserve gift of in god's image. suffering. Resurrected
life.…read more

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If racist or sexist ­
against law. If physical
abuse ­ assault.
Views on war:
Christian: early Christian leaders said they should be pacifists. This was due to the teachings of Jesus, belief
peace will only come out of refusal of war, 5th commandment `Do not kill', `love your enemies, do good to
those who hate you'- Luke.…read more

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Retribution-`an eye for an eye'.
Judgement- an act of judging people and their actions
Sin- an act against the will of god.
Why Christians think Justice is important. Why Muslims think Justice is important.
God is just and wants to treat others justly. Shari'ah law is based on Justice for all.
Treating someone unfairly is a sin. One of 5 key beliefs is Zakat ­ 2.5% spare
Jesus taught `Do not judge others so that income.
god will not judge you'.…read more

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In society, someone under the influence is more likely to harm themselves, become victims of crime due to
their lack of awareness, have liver damage, cause people to fall into debt and threaten relationships.
In the UK: you must be 18 to purchase alcohol; Class a drugs (heroin) are most dangerous and Class c are
prescribed by a doctor. There are many religious teachings about alcohol and drugs...
Wine is the symbol for Jesus' blood so it is acceptable.…read more


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