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Moral decision ­ A decision between right and wrong.

Decalogue ­ the 10 commandments.

Church = community of = place of worship.

Why Christians use the bible to make moral decisions:

Contains Decalogue and Teachings of Jesus, such as the Golden Rule.
Parables (stories with messages)…

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Most allow it of plants and animals but not Do not try to make earth perfect as only
human as only parents and god can create. God and heaven are perfect.

Problems of Global Warming Solutions of Global Warming
Warm temperature makes flooding. Reduce CO2 with…

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Transplant Surgery:
Many agree as they do not need body once dead and can help others still living. However, some disagree as
it is expensive and the money could be spent on curing the disease. Others may want to be buried whole or
feel doctors may not try hard to…

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If racist or sexist ­
against law. If physical
abuse ­ assault.

Views on war:
Christian: early Christian leaders said they should be pacifists. This was due to the teachings of Jesus, belief
peace will only come out of refusal of war, 5th commandment `Do not kill', `love your enemies,…

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Retribution-`an eye for an eye'.

Judgement- an act of judging people and their actions

Sin- an act against the will of god.

Why Christians think Justice is important. Why Muslims think Justice is important.
God is just and wants to treat others justly. Shari'ah law is based on Justice for…

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In society, someone under the influence is more likely to harm themselves, become victims of crime due to
their lack of awareness, have liver damage, cause people to fall into debt and threaten relationships.

In the UK: you must be 18 to purchase alcohol; Class a drugs (heroin) are most…


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