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(a) Identify and briefly explain three reasons why the New Christian Right
might have failed to achieve its aims.
One reason could be because of their aim to take America `back to god'. They wish to
make abortion, homosexuality and divorce illegal, turning the clock back to a time

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reinvest. Weber views this as the very spirit of modern capitalism-where the object is
simply that of acquisition of more and more money. Therefore, arguing that religion
has been a major contribution to social change.

Weber has however been criticized on many grounds. Marxists argue that economic
and material factors…

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vast majority of the wider population. It wasn't just enforcing a `religious law' on the
nation, but instead taking a Christian perspective and influencing equality, something
that was already in the thoughts of much of the public.

Liberation theology is another movement that is said to have contributed to social…

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The New Christian Right is an example of where a religiously motivated movement
failed to contribute towards social change. They were a fundamentalist Protestant
group who aimed to take America `back to god' by making abortion, homosexuality
and divorce illegal. The New Christian Right also believed firmly in traditional family…

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some religious movements have not been successful. Using the example of the New
Christian Right to suggest how their fundamentalist approach alienated society. Bruce
suggests the difference came down to how the American civil rights movement was
constant with the values of America's wider population.

Overall, I believe it is…




A great essay which can be used both to review structure required in order to achieve an A but also can be used to create a mind map on the topic of social change by identifying key theorists, terminology. 

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