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Animal testing
Christians believe that humans are the most important part of God's creation and that God gave humans responsibility to rule over animals and control them.
Animals are not considered to have souls and do not have the same possibility of a relationship with God.
Christians believe that as rulers over animals it is acceptable to use them for human benefit. Humans also have a responsibility to ensure that animals are
cared for and kept in acceptable conditions, abuse and mistreatment is not condoned.
The Catholic Church states that medical and scientific experimentation on animals is morally acceptable if it contributes to caring or saving human lives.
The Church of England teaches that humans have a responsibility to care for the welfare of animals. When animals are used in medical experimentation the
Church believes that any suffering needs to be minimal.
"A gentle or easy death"
Voluntary euthanasia ­ is when the person concerned asks someone else to help them die. They may refuse to have the medical treatment needed to keep
them alive.
Involuntary euthanasia ­ is when a person is no longer able to make a decision, for example by being in a coma or in a PERSISTENT VEGATATIVE STATE.
Christianity and Medical Ethics
Christian teachings on Euthanasia

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The Catholic and The Church of England teach that euthanasia is morally wrong. (6th Commandment `You shall not murder.')
They believe that only God owns life ­ humans do not and should not possess the right to choose to die.
Many Christians believe suffering and pain are part of life and that God should be trusted in all aspects of life. Only dying naturally is truly dignified, as well as
a way of showing complete faith in God.…read more

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The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.…read more


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