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Some people feel bringing their child up under their religion is their duty ­ but others see it as brainwashing. A
Christian upbringing :

GOING TO CHURCH ­ You make Christian friends, learn stories involving God.
Festivals ­ children joining in special festivals.
Baptism- Parents promise…

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Causation: (everything started off by something else)
Everything through history has a cause, initial FIRST CAUSE must have been necessary. They feel this is God.

For Against
Only something outside of time could create. Some science says something can come from
Impossible for something to come from nothing
nothing Time…

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3. If wife is not happy and attempts fail, they may divorce and encouraged to remarry.

Muslims teachings ­ Divorce should be Muslim teaches- Divorce acceptable
`The most detestable of all acts that Allah has Permitted in Qur'an.
permitted is divorce. Qur'an says `you should not force a woman…

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Also, if `Allah wishes to create a child, you cannot prevent it

Christians and Contraception:

CATHOLICS: Only rhythm method as it does not interfere with god's gift of children.
Some MODERN CATHOLICS: approve condoms to prevent STIs
IN ORTHODOX: some believe sex is only for creating children, but others believe…

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1990 Abortion act: Can only occur after 24weeks if MOTHER is at risk. Father has no legal rights.

An unborn baby is called an EMBRYO until it is 9 weeks old, when it is then referred to as a FOETUS

Viability ­ the point where a foetus can survive outside…

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Turning off life support is acceptable if there is no chance of recovery.

Immortality of the soul: the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body.

Should women be church leaders?

YES ­ In genesis, men and women were created at the same time...…


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