Religion and Human Relationships


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Christian Teachings
Christians have different attitudes to the subject of DIVORCE.
The Catholic Church ­ believes that marriage is indissoluble. They do not accept divorce as it is simply breaking the legal agreement made in marriage, it is
considered SINFUL.
Catholics believe support should be given to anyone who has gone through divorce, even though they do not agree with it.
The Catholic Church does, however ANNUL marriages ­ once a marriage has been annulled, individuals are free to marry someone else
The Church of England ­ believe that couples should work hard to keep their vow of lifelong commitment to each other. They do recognise that sometimes
it may be impossible for a couple to remain together for reasons such as abuse of ADULTERY in the marriage.
They believe they have the responsibility to protect the understanding of marriage as a lifelong commitment.
Bible Quotes
`...what God has joined together, let man not separate.'
Mark 10:8-9
`...a husband must not divorce his wife.'
1 Corinthians 7:10-11
Christianity and Human Relationships
There are 2 broad types of contraception

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Artificial contraception ­ e.g. condoms
Natural contraception - e.g. rhythm method
Christian Beliefs about Contraception
The Catholic Church teaches that the use of artificial contraception is sinful ­ as sex was God-given to humans for reproduction.
However natural contraception is accepted.
The Church of England believes ABSTINENCE should be used instead of artificial contraception ­ however it is becoming more acceptable within the church
They teach that it is responsible to use contraception in order to ensure that children are planned and wanted.…read more

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