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Religion: A Marxist perspective


According the Marxists, religion as a social institution is directed by a process of
mystification, people believe in forces greater than themselves and believe that if they pay
homage to these forces through prayer or observation of rites and rituals that they are able

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class system that they were put there by God and protecting those at the top from possible
lower class unrest and rebellion.

Religion and social control

To Marx religion not only offers spiritual justification for the inequalities of the world but
serves to prop up the unjust system forcefully. Christianity…

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defined ruling class used religion to justify a doctrine of hard work and sobriety to their
workers, securing greater profits for themselves in the process.
The new Christian Right, largely influential in the USA has become known for its support of
politicians (usually in the Republican Party) who are both…

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Once they seized power in Russia the Bolsheviks embarked on a program of actively
discouraging religion, with the religious instruction of children being banned and certain
places of worship being forcibly closed. However it was found that shortly following the
collapse of the Soviet bloc in th e1980s and 90s…


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