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Religion and Conflict Paper 2
Christianity Islam
Sometimes war is Just war Muslims may fight in Lesser jihad
necessary and refusing self defence but are
to fight might allow evil forbidden to start a
to win fight.
There are certain Must be for a There must be no "Hate your enemy mildl
conditions which need just cause. E.g. hatred or vengeance he may become your
to be met for a resisting in fighting. Once friend one day" (from th
Christian to go to war aggression & peace has been Hadith)
self-defence. restored, the
The aim must differences between
be to promote the people must be
good. E.g. to resolved
War must be
the last resort
Some Christians would Pacifist-"Turn the There are certain When other ways
say that non-violent other cheek". conditions which trying to settle
protests is the best way "Blessed are the need to be met for a dispute has failed
peacemakers" Muslim to go to war If it has been
declared by a
religious leader,
whose authority i
accepted by the
Muslim Communi
Martin Luther King was a Christian and he used non-violent
protests to support civil rights for black Americans. Made many
speeches and staged sit-ins.
Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu who used peaceful means to let
Indians govern themselves. He encouraged others to use civil
disobedience rather than violence and travelled around the
world promoting peace and non-violence through speeches

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Christianity Islam
In saying the Lord's "Forgive us our Muslims will be "If a person forgives
Prayer, Christians trespasses as we rewarded by Allah if instead, and is
constantly remind forgive those who they forgive others reconciled, that will
themselves and trespass against us" earn reward from
promise to forgive Allah"
If you confess your sins "If we confess our sins, Islam teaches that Allah Allah is the
and are genuinely He is faithful and just will forgive you if you Compassionate and
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The Troubles was the 30 year conflict which took place in
Northern Ireland between nationalists/republicans (Catholics)
and unionists (Protestants). It was primarily political.
Christianity Islam
God has given people free will to shoes whether to Muslims believe suffering is part of
follow God's instructions. Suffering will come if Allah's plan. If everything comes
you disobey God. The original sin was introduced from Allah, it must all be part of a
by Adam and Eve.…read more

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The Salvation Army is a denomination of the Christina Church,
which run a number of projects to support the homeless and the
poor. Its motivation is the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
They try to build relationship with the homeless and to offer
advice and support
Zakah is one of the five pillars of Islam and is an annual,
compulsory payment of money or possessions. The 2.5% is
specifically used to help the poor, the needy and the sick.…read more


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