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Religion and Conflict Paper 2

Christianity Islam

Sometimes war is Just war Muslims may fight in Lesser jihad
necessary and refusing self defence but are
to fight might allow evil forbidden to start a
to win fight.
There are certain Must be for a There must be no "Hate…

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Christianity Islam

In saying the Lord's "Forgive us our Muslims will be "If a person forgives
Prayer, Christians trespasses as we rewarded by Allah if instead, and is
constantly remind forgive those who they forgive others reconciled, that will
themselves and trespass against us" earn reward from
promise to…

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The Troubles was the 30 year conflict which took place in
Northern Ireland between nationalists/republicans (Catholics)
and unionists (Protestants). It was primarily political.


Christianity Islam

God has given people free will to shoes whether to Muslims believe suffering is part of
follow God's instructions. Suffering will come if Allah's…

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The Salvation Army is a denomination of the Christina Church,
which run a number of projects to support the homeless and the
poor. Its motivation is the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
They try to build relationship with the homeless and to offer
advice and support


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