Relationship between Stanhope and Osborne in Journey's End

Relationship between Stanhope and Osborne in Journeys End

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Relationship between Stanhope and Osborne in Journeys End R.C.Sherriff
Osborne sticks up for Stanhope when Hardy accuses him of being a drunk: `He's a long way the best
company commander we've got'
Their opposites but they still get on really well: `...and you such a quiet sober tihng'
Osborne knows why Stanhope drinks and doesn't want anyone to make a big deal out of it: `It rather
reminds me of bear-baiting, or cock-fighting to sit and watch a boy drink himself unconscious'
Stanhope tells Osborne everything: Hardy: `You heard about it? , Osborne: `He told me'
Osborne is a lower rank than Hardy but still foul mouths him to stand up for Stanhope: `Don't be an
Osborne loves Stanhope, he would go to the worst place on earth to stand by his side: `I love that
fellow, I'd go to hell with him'
Osborne offers to do Stanhope's duties for him so Stanhope can sleep: `I'll do the duty roll and see
the sergeant major and all that'
Want each other to have comfort: `You take it. Must have a little comfort in your old age uncle'
Tells Osborne everything: `Doesn't know that if I went up those steps into the front line without
being doped with whiskey I'd go mad with fright.'
Both hard workers: `Get some sleep' `God you are a worker'
Stanhope is mortified by Osborne's death and takes it out on Rayleigh: `Must you sit on Osborne's
Osborne is `twice' the age of Stanhope so maybe Stanhope see's Osborne as a fatherly figure
Stanhope to Osborne: `What an earth shall I do without you?'
Never have an argument once through the play, Osborne always diffuses awkward situations with
Rayleigh and Stanhope and Stanhope never snaps at him like he does to the other officers.
Osborne seems to calm Stanhope down at times when he has lost control and Osborne seems to
be the one that Stanhope will always go to when he needs him most.
Both have the same views and opinions, although Osborne does not drink so in a way they couldn't
be more opposite with some of their views



This is really helpful, thank you so much! I'm writing an essay on gender representations in Journey's End and Accrington Pals and this has helped me think of some ideas and has some good quotes that I can use. Thanks again. :)

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