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Regulation of investigatory powers
act and the freedom of
information act
AS ICT, chapter 7, OCR…read more

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Regulation of investigatory powers act
Allows the lawful interception of postal and digital
communications in certain circumstances
Communications can be monitored and recorded in
circumstances such as:
· Interests of national security
· Investigating unauthorised use of telecommunications
· Preventing or detecting crime
Communications can be monitored but NOT recorded in
circumstances such as:
· A company checking if communications made are
business or personal…read more

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Regulation of investigatory powers act
· Monitoring calls made to anonymous phone lines
· Companies monitor and record communication for certain
purposes such as training or improving systems as long as
those involved have given their consent
· Allows companies to check their facilities are only being
used for work purposes and that private company
information isn't given away
· People think monitoring is a breech of trust and privacy
· Not enough controls on organisations who do the
montioring…read more

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Freedom of information act
Deals with access to official information. Allows public
access to information on any topic from any public
authority such as government, health service and
· Anyone can ask for information- no age limits
· To gain access you have to write to the public
authority you want along with your name, address and
a description of the information you want.
· Free but charges for postage and photocopying may
· Public authority has to reply within 20 days…read more

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Freedom of information act
· Information that wasn't available to the public now is.
Therefore public authorities can't make decisions and not
tell anyone. The information is available to those who want
The public authority doesn't have to provide information if:
· An exemption applies- information may affect national
· Request is too vague or if it has been asked for before
· Cost of collecting information exceeds a reasonable limit…read more


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