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What is Reform?
Reform is to change the criminal's ways and to
persuade them to become responsible citizens.
this includes probation and community service.
Christianity teaches that Punishment and
forgiveness go hand in hand, with an emphasis
on reform.
"Right to obey government and uphold the law."
(Romans 13).…read more

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Many argue that:
· Prison is punishment
· Too many people are sent to prison.
· Prison does very little to reform the person.
· Many will reoffend within 2 years of release.
· It reinforces criminal tendencies.
· Many families and marriages fail to survive.
· Many find it difficult to gain employment once they are
Others say that:
· If they loose their freedom then they cannot continue to
· Other forms of protection cannot offer the same
amount of protection for society.
· It is important not to be too `soft' on prisoners.
· Prisoners are given education and taught new skills for
their release.…read more

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Christians believe:
the purpose of punishment is reform
and prisoners should be helped do this…read more


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