Reforestation leaflet

A leaflet I made about reforestation.

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This leaflet is
about the act of
reforestation and
Large areas can be reforested through the use
how it can help of measuring rope (for accurate plant spacing)
to reduce levels and ribbeds, for making the hole in which a
seedling or plant can be inserted. Indigenous soil
of CO2.
inoculants can be used to increase survival rates
in tough environments.

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About Reforestation Reducing Carbon Dioxide Levels Reforestation Projects
Reforestation is a simple way to offset carbon Projects have begun all over the world,
Wood has various uses in today's soci- emissions we all produce. The new trees plant- including Brazil, China and Burkina Faso.
ety, for example making furniture and ed will be able to decrease the amount of car- The US Forest Service aims to manage
paper.…read more


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