Reducing global warming - the carbon cycle.

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The carbon cycle is the movement of carbon between organisms and the atmosphere.
Scientists need to know how carbon compounds are recycled between organisms and the atmosphere so they can come up with ways to
reduce atmospheric CO2 concentration.
The carbon cycle is divided into major reservoirs of carbon interconnected by pathways of exchange:
The atmosphere
The terrestrial biosphere
The oceans
The sediments, including fossil fuels
The carbon exchanges between reservoirs occur as the result of various processes e.g. decomposition, photosynthesis, respiration and
There are a various number of inputs and outputs to and from the atmospheric reservoir of CO2 ­ until recently these have been in balance
however there is more CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere by anthropogenic sources. There are a number of ways we can intervene to
offset this:
REFORESTATION This will increase the removal of carbon dioxide from the
atmosphere due to an increase in photosynthesis. CO2 is converted into carbon compounds and stored as plant tissues in the trees.
Therefore more carbon is kept out of the atmosphere.

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BIOFUELS The increase in the use of Biofuels as opposed to fossil fuels
could help because the CO2 released in burning the fuel will only have been recently fixed in photosynthesis; therefore it is carbon neutral.
Therefore using Biofuels as an alternative stops the increase in atmospheric CO2.…read more


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