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Javeria Khan

OGDEN: believes if GPs advised smokers to give up and provided them
with tips on how to do this, it would produce half a million ex-smokers
within a year in the UK.

ROOM et al: Doctors can provide early treatment for alcohol problems as
they tend to know…

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Javeria Khan

Social learning theory: Advertising causes us to associate
characteristics such as smoking and drinking being sophisticated
and cool. In the UK, cigarette advertising was banned in 2003 and
cannot be shown in any public form i.e. magazines, TV etc.
SNYDER et al: An American study of young people…

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Javeria Khan

One possible strategy is to substantially raise the price of
cigarettes and alcoholic drinks by increasing taxes. Increasing the
cost would encourage people to stop and might deter children from
starting. However, for political reasons, increasing taxes is not as
straightforward as it seems.

It is already illegal…

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Javeria Khan

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Javeria Khan


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