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1. Job analysis
The job is broken down into
parts in order to identify
exactly what the potential
employee is wanted to do. It
enables the business to
identify the role and the
ideal person.

2. Job description
This allows a person applying
for the job to know exactly

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7. Selection
The best candidate is appointed depending on how good their references are and if they fit the
medical and legal requirements. If an applicant has been arrested this can reduce their chances of
getting the job.

The interviewers must be careful to not be bias
e.g. for a…

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Short listing is where the HR department of a business narrow down the number of
applicants they have received. Applications come in the form of CVs and accompanying
letters, the company is then in a position to begin the selection process. A short-list of
applicants will be selected for interview…

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A job offer is simply an invitation for a potential employee to become and employee in an
organisation. The job offer will contain the details of the employment offer. The offer may
be made initially as a verbal invitation but most employers will then follow up and extend a




Attractive notes that go through the recruitment process in some detail. Could be adapted by students for more interactive use.

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