Rebranding Players: Rural & Urban

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In 1999 Cornwall successfully received EU objective one funding which aims to
encourage investment and boost local economies. The EU is the most important
player as it was their funding that caused a catalyst towards the regenerating and
re-imaging of the county.
For the Combined universities in Cornwall Strategy: Exeter University and the
Falmouth college university both bringing education interests to the county.
For Eden Project strategy: key individual Tim Smitt.
ICONIC INDIVIDUAL ­ Jamie Oliver opened `Fifteen' restaurant.
Environmental agencies ­ Tin mines in western Cornwall are UNESCO world
heritage sites. Others include Cornish heritage trust, English Nature and English
Central government and its agencies e.g. job centre plus, the heritage lottery
fund, the arts council and the countryside agency.
Development agencies e.g. South West development agency a very important
player as it was them that used the government money to stimulate economic
In conclusion there is a large spectrum of different players, from the EU to key individuals
such as Tim Smitt.
London Olympics 2012
In July 2005, the international Olympic committee (IOC) announced that London
had won the bid to host the Olympics. The IOC have to be the most important player
as the Olympics wouldn't have happened without them; sport not being used as a
catalyst towards the regeneration/re-imaging of East London.
The London Organising Committee is the organisation that will oversee
the planning and development of the games. The chairman of this is the key individual
Lord Coe who was the head of the London bid.
The UK department for culture, media and sport was the co-ordinating
department for the successful bid by London to host the 2012 Olympics and
oversees the agencies delivering the Games' infrastructure and programme,
principally the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)
The London development agency is responsible for all urban development in the
city and local authorities provide the planning permission etc.
Local resident views are very important as they are the ones that are most affected
by the development.

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