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Car pollution contains a
deadly mix of Carbon Dioxide
and Carbon Monoxide as well
as a few other materials.
Every time you drive your
car, you release large
amounts of the deadly gases
into the atmosphere to be
precise an average car would
emit 11,400 lbs of deadly gas

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who have studied the Earths history say that in the past there
would be a very cold period which is now known as an Ice
Age and after the Ice Age would be a short Hot period. At the
moment we are living in a geographical time period called the…

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picture of the largest one ever recorded on the front page,
anyway the earth is protected by a unique magnetic field
which will deflect solar flares from the earth, but one thing that
people say is that this might be weakening, maybe because
of the hole in the OZone layer…

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By Furqaan Mirza 10G


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