Reasons for climate change

Raesons for the changes in climate

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Car pollution contains a
deadly mix of Carbon Dioxide
and Carbon Monoxide as well
as a few other materials.
Every time you drive your
car, you release large
amounts of the deadly gases
into the atmosphere to be
precise an average car would
emit 11,400 lbs of deadly gas
a year, and people on
average own their car for 10
years, so your single car out
of millions of other cars is emitting about 114,000 lbs of
deadly gas, and that's just your car alone. Think of all the
other cars and add up the amount of their deadly fumes
together and you would get a staggering total, and that's just
machinery and cars. All of the gases that are emitted from the
car get collected in the atmosphere, which makes acid rain
and also traps a lot of heat in the earth. The gases also act
like a greenhouse, and they let the sun's heat unto the earth,
but not back out. Above is a graph on concentration of
pollution in e atmosphere since 1975, and the thing that you
straightaway notice is that the concentration of pollution in
the atmosphere increases dramatically, and when it gets to
2008 and 2009, it is nearly off the chart, and that is all due to
man made pollution like car fumes and fossil fuel burning.
Another reason for
climate change is
according to
scientists, natural.
Some scientists

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Earths history say that in the past there
would be a very cold period which is now known as an Ice
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OZone layer or it is naturally weakening,
but if it is weakening then a lot of the suns heat and radiation
will enter the earth and the green house effect will happen.
Most people know that the
poles are melting, homes
for animals like the Polar
Bear are destroyed into
little puddles and the ice
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