Reasons For and Against the Female Suffrage

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Reasons For and Against the Female Suffrage
For the Female Suffrage Against the Female Suffrage
Women have increasing opportunities in Morally:
education and work ­ the vote should come There is too much responsibility in voting.
next. Men should protect women
Women already vote in local elections. They
serve on education committees and poor law Biologically:
Lack of physical strength
boards. They have shown that they are able
and can be trusted. Psychologically:
Women pay taxes ­ like men. Women are too sensitive.
There are many single women and widows Women are forgetful.
who share the same responsibilities as men. They are too indecisive ­ won't be able to
Parliament decisions affect both men and choose who to vote.
women. So women should be able to vote for Women are too "silly".
the MPs who pass those laws. May prioritise household tasks above voting.
Women have special skills and expertise. They posses a lack of emotional strength.
They could help parliament to improve laws
involving education and domestic life. Politically:
Women are the spiritual spine of the nation ­ They have a lack of political knowledge.
they are churchgoers. Giving women to vote If women got the vote, all men would demand
will show Christian leadership. it too.
Women should be able to influence MPs on Queen Victoria didn't want the vote.
how that money is spent. Some women aren't interested in voting.
Many uneducated working men can vote Lots of women didn't want to vote and
while well-educated `respectable' women wouldn't if they were given the right to.
can't. Women don't fight in wars ­ shouldn't have a
say on how the country is run.
It would make men uncomfortable.
Women would look less attractive.
Women should be doing domestic duties.
Only unattractive women would want the
vote ­ those without husbands.
Women might start neglecting their families.
They have different interests from men ­ men
are involved in politics and women in
domestic duties.


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