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The holocaust can be seen to be an extreme
example of blind obedience (when obedience
is abused).
During the holocaust, in World War II, the
Nazi's established concentration camps in
which soldiers obeyed commands to murder
millions of innocent people.
Many psychologists would argue that the Nazi's
were just following the commands of Hitler,
who was their authority figure.…read more

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During the time in which Hilter was in
power, each soldier in the German army
was made to swear an oath
"I swear by God this sacred oath: I will
render unconditional obedience to Adolf
After taking this oath, obedience
towards Hitler was to be regarded as a
sacred duty.
Some people argue that the Nazis
obeyed Hitler as he was an authority
figure and disobeying him would have
serious consequences.…read more

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However, some psychologists would argue
that the reason why the Nazis obeyed Hitler
was because they were conforming to the
current social norm, which was to obey
They didn't resist conforming as they didn't
want to be seen as the `odd one out'.
The Nazis may have felt that obeying the
commands of Hitler was expected of them
and so internalised the role.…read more


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