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Small Scale Research Project:
Annotated catalogue

The Disaster Movie Formula
"Why do people watch the same thing?"

Films (DVD'S)
Item 1
2012 - (2009) director ­ Roland Emmerich
Columbia Pictures Industries
I chose this film as my focus film as it one of the most recent disaster movies. I also…

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that he uses stories from different cultures which are similar to each other and combines them to
make a disaster movie for example stories about how the world is going to end exists in all cultures
so he merely represents them visually. This article tell us about why he makes…

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This was another one of the most useful resources I have found. It talks about and shows us the
evolution of disaster film genre and how different studios compete with each other to make the best
disaster movies. This video summarises some of the main points on why people like…

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Item 14:
Studying Disaster Movies ­ John Sanders (auteur) (2009)
This book provided me with information about early disaster movies, information about different
disaster movies, plots and the actors that starred in the films. This would be useful for my
presentation as it talks about one of the films…

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Item 20
`Verisimilitude and Classic Hollywood in the Disaster Movie Genre'
This blog was very useful it talks about codes and conventions in disaster movies and how the movies
deliver realism and why this makes people want to watch them. It talks about the main key features…

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DVD Extras
Item 25
The Towering Inferno- `behind the scenes'
This extra was not very useful although it provided me with information about the movie and how
they made it, the extras provided would have been good if I wanted to find out how the movie was
made, but I…


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