Reagonomics 1981

Using my text book & notes I have created a simplified version of what Reagonomics was and did 

hope this helps

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Reagonomics 1981
Economic Aims How to ensure it? Deregulation
Lessen Gov, spending Low level of political positions Lighten burden of regulation by cut backs
on regulatory agencies (50% cut in lethal
strengthen Defences Reagan attended cabinet meetings Decisions in favour of business (keeps
(showing he's in charge) unemployment low)
Tackle deficit
How successful
Achieving aim of deregulation
Deficit increased
Economy improved (oil sources found & massive defence expenditure)
Unemployment improved (10% & inflation in double figures)
Tax reduction
Steep increase in defence spending
General work force & environment lost out as had no protection from big businesses
Cut welfare programmes (help reduce deficit)
Did not cut $ off of programmes like medicare or social security
In Conclusion
BUT economic success was not all due to Reagonomics (i.e. oil sources found...)


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