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Reading Paper
The exam lasts for 2 hours, containing 3 questions, which is 40% of overall grade.

This is a directed writing question; use the information in the passage in your own answer. You
must show the examiner you have read and fully understood the text. Make sure you…

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This is a language analysis question; you are marked for your ability to select evocative words
and being able to explain how it is effective. You should pick specific words and relate to the
focus in the question. Make sure you explain the effect clearly and relate to the…

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This is the summary question; provide a summary of relevant information. Methodically read
both passengers, focussing only on relevant information. You must identify 15 points relevant
to the question and present them in your own words, grouping the related point. You only
have to write 1 side. Spend the…


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