Reactions of Acids

Note on acids. and how they react... and product :)

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Reactions of Acids
A universal indicator is made up of: A universal indicator is typically composed of water, methanol,
propan-1-ol, phenolphthalein sodium salt, methyl red, bromothymol blue monosodium salt, and
thymol blue monosodium salt. When an acid is reacted with universal indicator you will observe
a change in colour. Universal indicator is reacted with an acid to allow you to find out its pH
which is a scale from 1 to 14. It shows the strength of an acid or alkali with 7 being neutral.
When an acid and a universal indicator are reacted the change in colour would ranging from
red to yellow.
When an acid reacts with a metal, you will see effervescence, which occurs due to the
hydrogen gas that is produced. Sometime the solution may change colour. If the acid is
concentrated and very strong the reaction will be even more violent. All acids are made up of
Hydrogen + other elements. So when an acid and a metal react, the hydrogen is displaced
and the products that are made are a salt and hydrogen.
acid + metal salt + hydrogen
magnesium + sulphuric acid magnesium sulphate + hydrogen
Mg + H2SO4 MgSO4 + H2
When reacting an acid with a carbonate, we can observe effervescence as carbon dioxide
(gas) is given off. You can test this by using limewater as it turns milky white when there is
carbon dioxide present. From this kind of reaction the products are a salt, water and carbon
acid + carbonate salt + water + carbon dioxide
Sulphuric acid and calcium carbonate calcium sulphate and carbon dioxide and water
H2SO4 + CaCO3 CaSO4 + CO2 + H2O
When you react an acid and an alkali you would see... This kind of reaction is called a
neutralization reaction as when they react they become neutral on the pH scale. The
products of this reaction are a salt and water.
Acid + alkali salt + water
hydrochloric acid + sodium hydroxide sodium chloride + water
HCl + NaOH NaCl
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