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Acids and Bases
Chemistry AS Revision…read more

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Acids & Bases
An acid is a proton donor.
Acids split up when dissolved in water to release H+.
HCl H+ Cl-
Acids are neutralised by Bases
A Base is a proton acceptor.
There are several different types of Bases…read more

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1. Alkalis
An Alkali is a substance that dissolves in water to release
NaOH HCl NaCl H2O…read more

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2.Metal Oxides
Metal Oxides + Acid Salt + Water
CaO 2HNO3 Ca(NO)3 H2O…read more

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3. Metals
Metal + Acid Salt + Hydrogen Gas
Mg HCl MgCl H2…read more

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4. Ammonia
Ammonia + Acid Salt
NH3 HNO3 NH4NO3…read more

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