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By Dominic Rebindaine…read more

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The Good
A Tiger and a pig in perfect harmony living in a Zoo in Thailand…read more

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The Bad
This lion doesn't
seem to happy
living in a cage…read more

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and The Ugly
This lion cage clearly hasn't been cleaned in a long time…read more

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· Zoos are places where animals are kept out of
their habitat so that people can observe them.
· The animals are kept in cages and enclosures
· People are entertained by seeing animals and
pay to do so, the entertainment seems to
come at the cost of the animals happiness.…read more

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Its Not All Bad
· Zoos not only display animals, they also work
very hard behind the scenes in conservation.
· Durrell zoo is a great example of this, as for its
size, it contributes a lot towards the
conservation of animals.…read more


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