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Environment and Medical Issues…read more

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Main forms of pollution
· ACID RAIN: buildings and forests are being
destroyed by acid rain. This is caused by the
burning of fossil fuels which causes a change
in PH of the rainwater in clouds.
· HUMAN WASTE: the waste produced by
humans in the form of sewage, refuse and
litter is a major threat to the future of the
planet.…read more

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EUTROPHICATION- this is a lack of oxygen in
rivers killing fish and making water plants
grow. it is caused by fertilisers being washed
into streams, sewage pollution and a lack of
trees to soak up nitrogen
stations produce nuclear waste which will take
a very long period of time to become safe.
people can die when coming into contact with
the waste.…read more

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· ACID RAIN: create electricity from non polluting sources such
as wind and solar power.
· HUMAN WASTE: solved by a combination of recycling, using
incinerators to produce electricity and sewage to produce
methane gas.
· LITTER: if people stop dropping litter, campaigns and more
bins around.
· NUCLEAR WASTE: can be reprocessed so that the waste can
be re-used. this means that it does not have to be stored
underground.…read more

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Renewable and non- renewable
· Renewable resources are resources which can
humans can use over and over again. Using
renewable resources can cause no problems
but using them to produce electricity is more
· Non-renewable resources are resources which
disappear once they are used.…read more

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Scarcity of natural resources
· The problem is most obvious in the case of oil.
Petrol and diesel come from oil, all plastics and
road surfaces, most candles, polishes and
chemical foodstuffs come from oil. If the oil dries
up there will be a large problem.
· Metals cause similar problems, everything from
car panels to kitchen appliances come from finite
ores. Many scientists feel that unless we stop
using them, they will run out soon.…read more

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