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a word document on the definitions that may come up on the edexcel exam - full course only

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Adoption ­ a legally binding agreement between a couple and a child who are not biologically
Aggression ­ attacking without being provoked
Authority ­ having the position of power to give orders
Biodegradable ­ capable of being decayed by microorganisms and bacteria
Bible ­ the holy book of Christians
Bullying ­ intimidating, frightening, hurting and humiliating another person
Cabinet - the group of senior ministers who help the prime minister make important
decisions concerning the running of the country
Capital punishment ­ the death penalty
Church ­ the community of Christians that worship God
Cloning ­ creating replica cells or organisms that have the same genetic make-up to its
Conflict resolution ­ solving conflict through various ways to find a peaceful conclusion
Conscience ­ the part of the brain where the sense of right and wrong is developed
Conservation ­ the preserving and protecting of the earth's natural environment
Creation ­ god creating earth out of nothing
Crime ­ an action that is against the law
Decalogue ­ Ten Commandments
Democratic processes ­ ways in which citizens can take part in government normally via
Deterrence ­ making punishments so severe that it puts people off committing crimes
Drugs ­ chemical substance that you take into your body to add an effect which changes
your mood or the way you feel
Embryology ­ medical research using embryos
Electoral process ­ the way in which voting is organised
Exploitation ­ intimidating or frightening people weaker than yourself

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Faith without works ­ the idea that just having religious faith is not enough; it must be
accompanied with good actions
Fertility treatment ­ using medical technology to conceive a child
First-past-the-post ­ the voting system where whoever wins the most votes wins the seats
Forgiveness ­ to stop blaming or pardoning someone
Global warming ­ the increase in earth's atmosphere's temperature, it is mainly believed to
be a result of the increase burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions
Genetic engineering…read more

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Proportional representation ­ the voting system in which the seats are given out according
to the percentage of votes each party gets
Punishment ­ the penalty for committing an offence
Reconciliation ­ bringing together those who were opposed to each other
Recycling ­ converting waste into reusable material
Reform ­ using punishment to educate the criminals and teach them to become law-abiding
Renewable resources ­ resources that can be replaced at a rate comparable to its
Reproductive cloning ­ creating an…read more


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