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Adoption ­ a legally binding agreement between a couple and a child who are not biologically

Aggression ­ attacking without being provoked

Authority ­ having the position of power to give orders

Biodegradable ­ capable of being decayed by microorganisms and bacteria

Bible ­ the holy book…

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Faith without works ­ the idea that just having religious faith is not enough; it must be
accompanied with good actions

Fertility treatment ­ using medical technology to conceive a child

First-past-the-post ­ the voting system where whoever wins the most votes wins the seats

Forgiveness ­ to…

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Proportional representation ­ the voting system in which the seats are given out according
to the percentage of votes each party gets

Punishment ­ the penalty for committing an offence

Reconciliation ­ bringing together those who were opposed to each other

Recycling ­ converting waste into reusable material…


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