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As the teams head-brass flashed out
1. What is the poet trying to say?
- Themes: mortality, war, danger and destruction
- Other themes: fate, loss (hope/life/beauty/friends), possibilities of happiness (if events had
been different/through desensitisation to grief)
- War is destructive, but hope at end
- We have no…

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- Enjambement:
- "Everything" = infinite other ways life could have been
- "turned" and "leaned" enact turning onto next line
- End-stops:
- At the end of first stanza: seems everything will be destroyed but life continues like poem
- End of line 2: lovers disappearance seems final

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- Valuable: opal, sapphire
5. Think about the voice/speaker
- Use of "I" contrasts "we" and "us" in memories- "she and I" and "the woman" in present
highlights how they are now separated
- Very personal poem
- Hardy is in denial- only ever talks about her in present tense…

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- "Oceans bosom"- nature is motherly but humans destroy it- makes destruction seem even
more cruel
- Seeds of "pomegranates" like "jewels"- dark image reminds us of Persephone eating them and
being punished with life in the Underworld- reminder to leave nature untouched
- Oranges like "golden lamps" only cover…

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her poem. In metaphor of life, suggesting that she feels outside of society, simply absorbing it
rather than participating in it
- "dry" is repeated to show lack of inspiration
- Modest tone- accepts that she is not as great as Baudelaire
- Exact details used to give her life…

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- Tone: grieving for lost trees, yearning ("O")
- "on meadow and river and" "bank"- list shows that everything is affected by loss
- Word order of "my aspens dear" emphasises the importance of trees
- Repetition off "quelled" as he tries to bring back the scene in his mind-…

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2. Think about the diction and voice/speakers tone
- Conversational diction ("I like to think") contrasts deep, philosophical tone
- Moves from present tense, to past tense, then back to present- defines reflecting perspective
of speaker
- 3 sections not separated by stanzas to highlight how the present man is…

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- "little light"- offers hope of escape but is not enough for spirits- crushed hope increases sense
of hopelessness through contrast
- Darkness shows how her metaphorical creative vision is gone and she can now see no hope
- Mix of senses as "blinded" by "expressionless sirens" (lack expression for…

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3.Talk about stanzaic shape and effects of the punctuation
- Odd wording and word arrangement make it seem as though were intruding upon his
thoughts, which are confused- no efforts of continuity/word order
- Tight reign on artistic form expresses lack of emotion/monotonous lack of feeling/artistic
expression as not creative…

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- Imagery of birds represent lyrical poets
- "more swift than shadows"- highlights nature and lifes precariousness
- "other monsters rise when those are gone" and "on roars the flood" and "eternity"- nightmare of
storm is neverending, and purity of rebirth is temporary. Wandering is a peaceful verb, but also…


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