A brief overview of Rasputin for A2 History.

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Grigory Rasputa
Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin (18721916) was the infamous 'holy
man' whose ability to heal the Tsar and Tsarina's son Alexis led to
his adoption as a supreme mystic at court. Growing in influence to
the point where he effectively dictated policy he was eventually
assassinated by a group of court conspirators in December 1916.
Rasputin married at age 19, to Proskovia Fyodorovna, who bore
him four children. Unsettled, Rasputin left his wife and travelled, to
Greece and Jerusalem, where he established a reputation
(selfcreated) as a holy man.
In one sense Rasputin's presence, while generally damaging
public perception of the Romanovs, nevertheless benefited the
Tsar. Military calamities were often attributed by the Russian
public to Rasputin's baleful influence: as such it therefore
deflected direct criticism away from the Tsar himself.
The story of Rasputin has become legend, it is generally agreed
that on December 16, 1916, it was decided that Rasputin's
influence over the Tsarina made him too dangerous to the Empire.
Vladimir Purishkevich, had noticed this and decided that Rasputin
should be killed. M. Purishkevich killed Rasputin and body was
carried to the River Neva, and thrown in, breaking the ice.


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