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Rag Desh

General Stuff

Indian Classical :

Rag (Notes the melody is based on)
Tal (Rhythm)
Drone (Chords)


Alap (Slow, No Tal)
Jhor (Moderate Speed)
Jhalla (Faster then Jhor)
Gat (Pre Composed, Can come anywhere in the structure)
Use of Tihai- Playing an idea 3 times to signal end…

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Performance 1 ­ Track 5

Anoushka Shanker

Sitar ­ Seven strings with lots of sympathetic string
Tabla ­ Drums (Dayan and Bayan)


Gat 1
o Jhaptal (10 beats long ­ 2+3+2+3)
o Faster, Teental/tintal (16 beats ­ 4+4+4+4)

Performance 2 ­ Track 6

Chiranji lal Tanwar…

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Performance 3 ­ Track 7-9

Steve Gorn(Bansuri) & Benju Werthiemer(Tabla, esraj(Bowed string instrument))

Shruti Box ­ Drone- Plays on all 3 tracks


Alap (Track 7)
o Bansuri Improvisation followed by Esraj Improv
Gat 1 (Track 8)
o Rupak Tal (7 beats 3+2+2)
o Slow,
o Flute Decorating the rag,…


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