Rag Desh. All Versions. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Simply broken down! :)

This came in so useful to me. Some nerd in my class typed it up for everyone. And... as wierd as it looks and sounds, It was amazing... :L Rag Desh Came up in my essay question and I got full marks for it thanks to this. :)

good luck with your exam and thank the nerds!!!

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Jessica Walls

Version 1 Version 2 Version3 FYI
Anoushka Chiranji Lal Steve Gorn, and
Shankar Tanwar Benjy
Instruments Sitar and Tabla Voice, sarangi, Bansuri, esraj, tambura, The first version is th
sarod, pakhawaj, and tabla one that has a sitar
cymbols, and table The second version is
only one…

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Jessica Walls

Gat 2 Faster than Gat 1. DOESN'T HAVE A Fast tempo. Tabla plays 12 Look at keyword list on other
Table plays 16 SECOND GAT! beat ektal tala. Bansuri
beat tala tintal. plays an embellished gat
Sotar drone strings containing a wide range
are strummed. of pitch, tans,…

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Jessica Walls


I know, a bit intimidating... but Learning at least some of these words will be sure to earn
you extra... brownie points... from the examiner...

RAG: Pattern of notes. At times different notes ascending and descending.
RAG DESH: late evening rag associated with the monsoon season

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Jessica Walls

It has been scientifically proved that associating words and facts that you NEED to
remember with numbers, will stick in your brain. You may think it stupid, but it

So... just remember...

10 Japanese men!

`1' is the first single number of `10'

When you go on…


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