Rag Desh

This is a tabla with the three pieces of Rag Desh that are studied for Edexcel Music GCSE.

Not too overly detailed... most of the main points.

I've also put the Rag scale at the top with the equivalent Western notes.

Hope this helps with any revision... enjoy! :) x

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Rag Desh Music GCSE Edexcel Jessica
Rag Desh (Edexcel Music GCSE)
The notes of the Rag Desh:
Sa Re Ma Pa Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa
Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Anoushka Shankar `Mhara Janam Maran' by Benjy Wertheimer
(sitar) Chiranji Lal Tanwar (esraj & table) & Gorn
Structure Alap Gat 1 Gat 2 Alap Bhajan Alap Gat 1 Gat 2
Instrument Sitar and Tabla Voice, Sarangi, Sarod, Bansuri, Esraj,
s Pakhawjai, cymbals and Tambura and Tabla
Dynamics Do not vary a lot but Louder during the Bhajan Alap is quietest
quieter in the Alap
Texture Gradually builds up Builds up the singer Builds up as
starts off then more instruments are added
instruments are added
Speed Alap = Slow and Alap = Free time Alap = Slow and
unmetered (free time) Bhajan = Fast unmetered (free time)
Gat 1 = Medium speed Gat 1 = Slow tempo
Gat 2 = Faster than Gat Gat 2 = Fast tempo
Other Alap: Sitar is Alap: Short intro as the Alap: Drone created
unaccompanied sarod player then singer on notes Sa and Pa.
Gat 1: Fixed vocalises a melody. Bansuri enters.
composition played, Bhajan: Fixed Gat 1: lyrical
with ornamentation. composition. Tabla joins. unaccompanied
Tabla enters. Sitar Sarod then sarangi solo. melody on the Bansuri
starts to improvise and tabla. Then a fixed
becoming more
dramatic. Fixed
composition ends.
Gat 2: Ektal Tala
C D F G B C Bb A G F E D C


Samuel Richardson

A useful, simple overview of the three Rag Desh variations you need to be familiar with. Learn these basics before moving on to some more detailed revision notes. 

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