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Radical Parties
Growth of Opposition
Seeds of opposition sown well before reign of Alexander III
Despite the reaction revolutionary activities continued- June 1888 332 mass disturbances
Repression and especially Russification drove many into opposition either in Russia or
Turn of the century revolutionaries contained many Jews forced into opposition…

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-After 1905, most popular party with peasants. Largest popular party in Russia until outlawed by the

The Social Democrat Party
Marxists (1895) from the emancipation of the labour party
Committed to Marxism and it's radical ideas
Looked to the proletariat to push forward Russia, excited by industrial spurt…

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A Group who dated from the issuing of the tsar's manifesto in October 1905.
-Moderates who were basically loyal to the tsar. They regarded the October manifesto and
creation of the Duma as major constitutional advances.
-Led by Guchkov and Rodzianko. Factory owner and land owner.
-Limited aims, rejected revolution.…


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