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Causes of racism

Racism is learned, parents may have prejudices which the children learn.
Ignorance and fear, people are not use to certain races and express their anxiety
through racism
Bullying: they make themselves feel better by bullying others.
Poverty and unemployment: people look for someone to blame for…

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Parable of the good Samaritan- Luke
The Samaritan helped people regardless of
Agape- Jesus' teaching is not restricted to
people of the same race.
"do not show favouritism" James 2:1
"love our neighbour as yourself" Matthew
"there is only one human race" Genesis 1:26

Jesus' example:

Behaviour: treated…

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Why are women discriminated against:

Men have normally held power. Most people live in a society controlled by male
Male terms are used: chairman, masterpiece, God the father
Women were only allowed to vote in 1918 with many conditions
Women are stereotyped as mothers and wives and are seen…


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