English Lit quotes from The Bloody Chamber (Carter), Doctor Faustus (Marlowe) and The Changeling (Middleton & Rowley).

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Dr Faustus
Waxen wings. Aspirations too great, arrogance
If thou repent devils shall tear thee in pieces. Violent reminder that he is doomed
Necromantic books are heavenly. Ironic but deliberate juxtaposition
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss. Objectify women
This word damnation terrifies not him. Naïve, over confidence, innocence
A sound magician is a mighty God. Hubris and conceit
We must sin and consequently die
And then thou must be dammed perpetually
Yet art thou but still Faustus and a man. Want to challenge boundaries of humanity, precursor to
Come I think Hell's a fable. Naïve, arrogant
This is Hell, nor am I out of it
Now I die eternally. Audience perceives as a just comeuppance, contemporary sees as message that
should not abandon God but to modern just logical as part of the deal
The Changeling
Honest Deflores. Ironic description of Deflores
My hard fate has thrust me into the world of servitude I tumbled into the world a gentleman.
Reminder of Deflores' background suggesting equality.
All things are answerable. Reminder that evil will be punished.
Peevish will. Beatrice is a strong and confident woman.
I'm in a labyrinth. Lost physically, confusion mentally, idea of a monster
Horrid villain. Closer description of Deflores
Fair murderess. Oxymoron
It blasts a beauty to deformity.
Lacedemonian. Link to Helen of Troy, objectification of women

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Twins of mischief. Equality between Beatrice and Deflores
Here's beauty changed to ugly whoredom.
Black mask. Hiding her true identity.
Then take him to thy fury. Beatrice orders Deflores to kill Alonso
This fellow has undone me endlessly. Loss of reputation or physical undoing
There is scarce a thing that is both loved and loathed.
This smoke will bring forth fire. Idea of Hell (foreshadowing) or passionate love
Tis time to die when tis shame to live.…read more

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My father lost me to the Beast at cards. Female objectification, patriarchal society (she is a
Her beauty is an abnormality. Supernatural, weakness
He thrust his virile member into the dead girl.…read more


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