Quiz Shows Through The Ages

Brief description of some quiz shows from the 1950s to now.

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1950s Quiz Shows
One channel ­ BBC
* Very limited programming and black and white
What's My Line
* BBC, 1951-1963
* Hosted by Eamonn Andrews
* Panel show
* Had to guess what contestants did for a living
* Originally started in USA
Double Your Money
* ITV, commercial channel, 1955-1968
* Hosted by Hughie Green
* Money doubled with every correct answer
* First quiz show with a prize
1960s Quiz Shows
Three channels ­ BBC1, BBC2, ITV
University Challenge
* Started on ITV, now BBC2, 1962-present
* Two universities
* Very middle class
* Hard questions
* Sophisticated look ie with the split screen
Ask The Family
* BBC1, 1967-1984
* Family of four
* General knowledge and puzzles
1970s Quiz Shows
*BBC1/BBC2, 1972 - present
* 4 contestants
* General knowledge, specialist subject rounds
* Prize is just a trophy, about intellect
A Question Of Sport
* BBC1, 1970 - present
* Questions about sport

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Famous sportspeople as captains
* Contestants are also stars
1980s Quiz Shows
*Channel four came about
* Satellite channels, BSB and Sky
*ITV, 1983-1993
* Contestants are sixth form students
* Had to create a path across a hexagon board
1990s Quiz Shows
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
* ITV, 1998 to present
* Chris Tarrant
* 10 contestants, one chosen to play
* Win up to one million pounds
2000s Quiz Shows
The Weakest Link
* BBC2/BBC1, 2000 ­ present
* Anne…read more


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