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Quick Knowledge only
How do human bodies respond to
changes inside them and to their
environment?…read more

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What is the name given to the
chemical substance secreted by
glands that coordinate processes in
your body?
Hormones…read more

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What does your nervous system
use to enable you to react to
your surroundings?
Electrical impulses…read more

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What detect changes in the
Receptor cells…read more

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Complete the following
Impulses from ______ pass along _____
neurones the _____. Here there is a
________ neurone. Impulses then pass to
the ________ along _______ neurones.
receptors sensory coordinator relay effector
motor…read more

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What is a reflex action?
A rapid, automatic response to a
stimulus…read more

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As the title suggests this is a set of useful questions on hormones and the nervous system. These could be combined with some written notes and flashcards for a more complete set of resources.



Is there a markscheme?

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