Quick summary of family diversity

Just a few quick notes and exam tips for revising family diversity.

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Family diversity
Popular exam questions to do with this topic can be
Reasons for the rise in divorce?
Reasons for the increase in cohabitation?
Reasons for the decline in first marriages?
Post modernism and family diversity?
Changes in contraception ­ links with increase in adultery.
Changing views ­ less stigma attached.
Women have more support.
Changes in the law ­makes it easier, and more beneficial for women.
Secularisation ­ if you are to remember one thing for the exam or can't think of anything
during the exam write down this word as its worth a lot of marks.
Women's greater dissatisfaction with marriage today.
New Right argue marriage is less supported by the state.
Decline in first time marriages
Contraception ­ people used to marry due to pregnancy to stop their child being classed
as a bastard and to stop conflict with people. Now contraception has improved people
are less likely to get pregnant outside of marriage.
Women have higher expectations with marriage.
Women are now putting their career before family life.
There is a lack of religious pressure to marry.
There is more financial independence (couples can receive loans etc. without being
Increase in cohabitation, couples feel less tied down and more free to end a relationship.
Increase in the single life ­ creative singlehood.
Decline in stigma attached to sex outside of marriage.
Secularisation ­ same applies.
Fear of divorce.
Women have more power.
Marriage is very expensive.
Young people just tend to prefer cohabitation.


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