Questions that I personally struggle on

Here are the questions I got wrong on the past papers thus far and the answers from the mark scheme. Have a look, it may help.

AQA P3 triple award...

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Questions that I struggle on
1. What happens to the ultrasound which reaches the boundary between two different media and is not
It is absorbed into the surroundings and then transmitted.
2. How can you tell, from the diagrams, that it is the same musical note?
Same pitch.
3. Explain the purpose of the slip rings and brushes.
Stop the wires getting tangled,
To connect the electric current.
4. When there is an alternating current in the primary coil, what is produced in part B (secondary coil)?
A current which is changing due to the changing magnetic field.
5. Scientists have only examined a tiny fraction of the Universe. What is the basis for the statement in
the science magazine?
There is evidence supporting the data.
6. Why does the image formed in a camera have to be a real image?
Otherwise it will have no effect on the light detector.
7. Name a light detecting device which may be used in a camera
Photographic film
8. Explain how atoms of very heavy elements, such as gold (Au) were formed.
The fusion of lighter elements and then fusion occurs.
9. Explain how a transformer work
a) Insulation prevents current from flowing through the iron core.
b) Alternating current in the iron core
c) Produces a change in magnetic field in the iron core
d) And hence a magnetic field in the secondary coil
e) Induces an alternating current and hence a current in the secondary coil

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