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1.(a) Work out the value of 3.82 ­ 75
Write down all the figures on your calculator display.
Working out each part individually using the calculator.
14.44 ­ 8.660254038
or type it exactly how it is written into the calculator.
(b) Write your answer to part (a) correct to 1 significant figure.
Count from the first figure not a zero and look at the next number.
Is 5.7 closer to 5 or closer to 6 6

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The length of a coach is 15 metres. Jonathan
makes a model of the coach. He uses a scale of
1:24. Work out the length, in centimetres, of the
model coach.
Question asks for centimetres. Change 15 metres into centimetres.
15 100 = 1500
1:24 when the model has a length of 1 the real length is 24 times
To change from the real length to the model length 24.
1500 24 = 62.…read more

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Margaret goes on holiday to Switzerland. The exchange rate is
£1 = 2.10 francs. She changes £450 into francs.
(a) How many francs should she get?
Every £ is worth 2.10 francs so multiply.
£450 2.10 = 945
In Switzerland, Margaret buys a railway ticket. The cost of the
railway ticket is 63 francs.
(b) Work out the cost of the ticket in pounds.
This is working backwards so divide.
63 2.…read more

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The table shows some expressions.
2(y + y) 2y + y 2y × 2y 2y + 2y 2 + 2y
Two of the expressions always have the same value as 4y.
Tick ( ) the boxes underneath the two expressions.
2(y + y) Simplify brackets first then double. 2 × 2y
2y + y Just add. 3y
2y × 2y Multiplying gets a y2. 4y 2
2y + 2y Just add.…read more

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The table gives information about the medals won by Austria in the
2002 Winter Olympic Games.
Medal Frequency
Draw an accurate
Gold 3 × 20 60°
pie chart to show
this information Silver 4 × 20 80°
Bronze 11 × 20 220°
Total number of medals 18
18 medals have to fit in a 360° circle. Each medal will have an angle
of 360
= 20
Multiply all the frequencies by 20 to get the angles.
Transfer these angles to the circle.…read more

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Medal Frequency
Gold 3 60°
Silver 4 80°
Bronze 11 220°
Use a protractor to measure Gold
the angles on the pie chart.
Make show you label each
part of the pie chart.…read more

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The diagram shows a triangular prism. The cross-section of the
prism is an equilateral triangle.
A plane of symmetry is
where can you place a piece
of paper in order to divide
the solid into 2 equal parts.
(a) On the diagram, draw in one plane of symmetry for the triangular
Another answer is:
There are 2 other answers.…read more

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In the space below, draw a sketch of a net for the triangular
A net is how can you make up the prism from a flat piece of paper.
Start with the base.
Draw a long rectangle.
Add on the two
triangular faces.
Add on the two sloping
faces.…read more

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In the space below, use ruler and compasses to construct an
equilateral triangle with sides of length 6 centimetres. You must show
all construction lines. One side of the triangle has already been drawn
for you.
Compass point at
end set to 6 cm.
Draw an arc.
Compass point at other
end set to 6 cm. Draw
an arc.
6 cm
Where the 2 arcs
intersect join up to
make the triangle.…read more

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Imran thinks of a number. He multiplies the number by 3. He then
adds 19. His answer is 61. What number did Imran first think of?
Work backwards from the answer given doing the inverse operations.
Opposite of adding 19 is -19 61 -19 = 42
Opposite of multiplying by 3 is 3 42 3 = 14
Check your answer.…read more


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