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Use this only if you need help. This is only one way to
structure your answers. It's not acceptable to hand this in
completed you must write it out in full in your own words.
a) Distinguish between procedural and episodic memory and
give an example of each.
(4 marks)
What is procedural memory -
What is episodic memory and how does it differ from
procedural memory -
b) Identify three components of the working memory model
and use an example to outline how they operate according to
this model. (6 marks)
Use technical terms if possible and think of your example first. Hint:
windows in house!
Identify first component
Outline how it works in your example
Identify second component

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Outline how it works in your example
Identify third component
Outline how it works in your example
c) Describe and discuss the levels of processing theory of long-term
memory. Refer to an alternative model in your answer.
(10 marks)
Use multi store model as alternative, make sure you focus on
Outline levels of processing theory.…read more

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Discuss the limitations of this theory -
hint ­ what is deep and what about emotions and motivations?
Evaluation ­ in what way is this better than the Multi store
model when it comes to explaining LTM.…read more


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