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Information Practical Issues Theoretical Issues Ethical Issues
Questionnaires: Questionnaires can have Strengths Positivism There are few ethical
two types of question: They are quick, cheap Reliable issues with
1. Closed-ended way to gather large Objective questionnaires which
which are also called amounts of qualitative Produce quantitative data makes it a heavily used
`forced choice'. data. Develop causal laws
research method.
2. Open-ended ­ There is no need to of behaviour
Representative They can't be used for
Respondents are recruit and train
Many choose not to Children.
free to answer interviewers. Informed consent is
however they wish, return them.
Data is usually easier filling it in but there may
in their own words. May ask leading
to quantify and some not be consent for the
can be computerized. questions.
way in which the
answers might be used.
Weaknesses Interpretivism
Data is often limited Detached means the
and superficial. researcher can't get a
hold on the meanings
May need to
as usual.
offer People may lie, forget or
Postal questionnaires ­ try
we can never be sure if a to
questionnaire was impress.
received by the recipient The researchers
and can't be sure it was meanings may be
completed by the target. imposed.
Closed questions?
Can triangulate?

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