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What are questionnaires?
Questionnaires are lists of questions they are the main method for gathering data in social
surveys. They are sometimes handed to or posted to the respondent ­ the person answering
the questions ­ and he or she is asked to fill them in. This is known…

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Answer It depends what you mean by God. Do you mean a God that just exists apart
from this world? Or, do you mean a God that controls what happens in this world?
Sometimes, I think I believe in the first type of God.

This answer is difficult to code.…

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Self completion questionnaires can be left with respondents either to be picked up later or
posted back to the researcher. Usually most of the questions in selfcompletion
questionnaires are closed and precoded.
Selfcompletion questionnaires have the following advantages and disadvantages.
Inexpensive ­ no interviews to pay, cheap to classify…

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Do respondents' answers reflect their behaviour in everyday life? Maybe. Given all this,
what appears to be a precise, reliable and efficient research method ­ the social survey ­
may be nothing of the sort.
Creating an impression Everybody plays the game of `impression management'. They try
to manage the…


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